How the Sequester Affects Paid Soccer Picks

The group of budget cuts, known as the sequester, which were announced back in 2013 affected America’s global economy on a huge scale.

The cuts were routed in “discretionary” programs, due to the fact they are funded by Congress on an annual basis, as opposed to “entitlement” programs, such as social security, which have permanent funding.

Discretionary spending accounts for about 35% of total spending, yet around 80% of the cuts under sequestration were affected. Roughly half of discretionary spending is for defence: with the other half saved for activities including education, medical and scientific research, international aid programs and support for low-income individuals and families.

It is the latter point which directly affects Paid Soccer Picks. Soccer is a sport which is traditionally rooted in working class families and the government cuts to low income earners means that cutbacks have to be made by
individuals and families who are affected by this. When living by a budget, the first thing people usually say goodbye to is entertainment, therefore what was once an enjoyable activity of placing bets on your favourite game, has now become a luxury you cannot afford.
How the Sequester Affects Paid Soccer Picks
However, it is important to note that these cuts do not just affect low income earners. Hidden amongst the cuts were cuts to services that Americans utilise on a daily basis, including education, healthcare and aviation. Cuts to education mean that your children’s tuition fees increase. Cuts to healthcare leads to a rise in your medical insurance bill. And aviation. Well, we all like going on holiday don’t we? And we’ve all noticed the increase in flight prices since the sequester, haven’t we?

Basically, regardless of income, all Americans have seen an increase in their monthly outgoings since the sequester. As a result, paid soccer picks have seen a decrease in the amount of people taking part, and the amount that people are betting.

We shouldn’t let the government ruin our entertainment and what we do for fun! Visit and do what you enjoy. You never know, your paid soccer pick might result in success and you can afford that holiday after all!