Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

For you to get your tenant deposit back, you need to ensure the house is spotless when moving out. Working with a moving out cleaning checklist will make it easy for you to clean all areas of your home so that you will move out when the home is in good condition so that the landlord will accept to pay you back your deposit.

  • 1. Kitchen Cleaning
    The owner will inspect the kitchen; ensure the kitchen is spotless before you leave your rented property. In the kitchen, you need to clean the sinks, kitchen cabinets, faucets and any other areas in your kitchen. Ensure you clean the entire floor and the ceiling till it is spotless.
  • 2. Dust the ceiling fixtures
    When you are doing the move out cleaning make sure that you check all the areas that collect dust. If there are cobwebs on fixtures and the ceiling, then ensure you remove all the dust before you leave home. Windows, doorknobs, walls and baseboards should be clean.
  • 3. Bathroom
    In the bathroom, you need to work on bathroom drawers, vanity, toilets, mirror and any other part of your home which has developed hard stains. Soap scum can form on bathroom tiles; always remove it so that the owner will get the bathroom when it is spotless.
  • 4. Bedrooms
    In the room, you need to mop the rooms and keep them clean. Ensure you remove all dust which has developed on different bedroom fixtures. Check under the beds and remove all dust which has developed.
  • 5. Living Room
    After you remove seats from your living room, the space will be easy for you to clean. Work with your family members or hire a professional who will help you in the process of cleaning the room.
  • 6. Garage
    Remove all items from your garage and sweep it. If there are any oil spills, ensure you remove them with the right detergent.
  • 7. Outside the house
    Outside your home, you need to cut grass and pull all weeds.