What is the most important thing when you are choosing football predictions

There are key important things to consider before giving an accurate football predictions.
First and foremost you analyse past matches of the teams they are playing both in home and away,a team with poor winning will have low probability of winning while the one which has been winning mostly is given more chance to win.
Secondly you check on the key players in both teams and their scoring capacity both in home ground and away matches, it will draw a clue on which team will win basing on the players form. If you do not have the time you can always use football predictions at footballtipster.org.
Thirdly when doing football predictions, check on injury of the players especially the strikers and key defenders, a team with high number of injury of key players will have low chances of winning while the other team with low or no injuries will win provided other factors are considered constant.
What is the most important thing when you are choosing football predictions
Fourthly, the playing ground of the match, team playing in home field has higher chances of winning if not draw, while other playing away might lose.
Fifth, check on the teams position in the table,a team on top of level will win over a team at the bottom of the table.
Sixthy, consider the total number of verses of a team both complete verses and incomlete, this draws an indication of team winning a match if it can do several and complete verses over the other, also the teams possession of ball in previous matches played,a team possessing ball of more than 65% in frequent matches has a higher chances of winning a football match. In addition, total aggregate goals of the teams,any team with an higher goal aggregate means it can win a match due to its scoring capacity and ability of the players.

In conclusion, check on teams if they have player ranked among the most scorers in the league,a team with best scorer in league has higher chances of scoring anytime hence can result in team winning.